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Explore our security measurements.

Robust Security Measures: Cakebot prioritizes the security of your private keys. We employ Amazon KMS, an end-to-end key management system, for wallet protection, ensuring best practices in securing user assets(https://aws.amazon.com/kms/). This includes industry-standard symmetric key encryption/decryption techniques, which are applied both when your private keys are stored (at rest) and when they are transmitted over the network. These encryption methods are well-recognized in the industry for their reliability in safeguarding sensitive information.

Treat Trading Wallets as Hot Wallets: It's important for users to understand that Cakebot-generated trading wallets should be regarded as hot wallets. Hot wallets are similar to those commonly used on centralized exchanges (CEXs). This designation implies that these wallets are best suited for the active management and trading of assets. Users should exercise caution and only store assets they intend to use for trading purposes in these wallets.

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