💎Cakebot Rewards

Holder and Referral Reward Section.

There are two distinct methods to receive rewards through Cakebot. One option is to become eligible by holding a minimum of 10 CAKEBOT Tokens. Alternatively, you can share your referral link within your network to earn passive income on their trades.

  • Referral Link: Create Referral Link to share with your circle.

  • Auto-compound Referrer: Set auto-compounding for referral rewards.

  • Auto-compound Holder: Set auto-compounding for holder rewards.

  • Claim BNB: Claim BNB rewards (if auto-compound is not set)

  • Claim Cakebot: Claim CAKEBOT rewards (if auto-compound is set)

  • Buy Cakebot: Directs to Buy Tokens screen set up to buy CAKEBOT Token.

Video Explanation:

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