🌈Main Interface

Cakebot Interface.

  • Info Screen: Copy your wallet address to click on it, and track on-chain data.

  • Refresh: Refresh the interface.

  • Switch Network: Press to switch between supported Chains and Layers

  • Buy Tokens: Directs to Buy Tokensinterface.

  • Sell Tokens: Directs to Sell Tokens interface.

  • Buy Limit: Buy Limit Order interface for setting up buy limit strategy.

  • Sell Limit: Sell Limit Order interface for setting up sell limit strategy.

  • Method Sniper: Leverage functions within the Token Contract Addresses to efficiently snipte token launches.

  • Auto-Sniper: Easy way to snipe token launches with just Token Contract Addresses.

  • Farms: One-clikc access to Pancakeswap Farms to earn yield.

  • Cakebot Rewards: Interface for reward claiming, set auto-compound, creating referral code and directs buy screen for $CAKEBOT Token.

  • Wallet Menu: Use the interface for withdrawals and to import and hide tokens in your wallet with a token dashboard that shows your wallet holdings.

  • Token Finder: Explore the market and opportunities inside the interface.

Video Explanation:

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