⭐Reward Claiming

To collect Cakebot rewards within the app, navigate to the Cakebot Rewards

Staking is not a requirement for revenue sharing. Holders with a minimum of 10 CAKEBOT Tokens will be eligible for revenue sharing.

If you are holding the tokens in an external wallet, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Access the Rewards Dashboard: Go to the rewards dashboard: https://dashboard.cakebot.io/

  2. Connect Your Wallet: On the dashboard, press connect your wallet.

  3. View and Claim Rewards: Once your wallet is connected, you should be able to view your accumulated rewards on the dashboard. You can then proceed to claim your rewards.

Auto-Compounded Revenue Sharing

By default, auto-compounding is enabled for the eligible wallets, which means that earned BNB rewards are automatically converted into CAKEBOT Tokens on behalf of the user. This helps you to earn a larger share of the revenue and increase the CAKEBOT amount without facing with the applied tax on the LP.

However, if you prefer, you can disable this feature anytime you want.

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