Follow other users trade or create your own Leader Wallet to lead the pack.

  • Main Menu: Returns to Main Menu

  • Switch Wallet: Switch between wallets to set mirror account.

  • Set Wallet to Mirror: Present the Leader Wallet Address you wish to mirror-trade with.

  • Create Leader Wallet: Create a new wallet specifically for the purpose of allowing others to follow. Remember, only Leader Wallets can be followed, and presenting default wallets won't mirror the transactions of the followed wallet.

  • Mirrored Leader Wallets: Track your mirrored Leader Wallets.

  • Explore Leader Wallets: Explore Leader Wallets and assess their performance through Profit and Loss (PnL).

After following a Leader Wallet, you will be prompted to set a USD amount limit for mirror-trading. Upon specifying the amount, the system automatically converts it to the native currencies of the chain you're mirror-trading on. In essence, you provide your limit in USD, and we execute the transactions in the native currencies of the respective chains.

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