🧲Buy Limit Order

  • Active Orders: Every new limit buy order you create gets added to this list, providing a summary of each order.

  • Private Mode: Decide if you want to send the transaction privately to prevent sandwich attack and front-runs. Private Transactions

  • Set Amount: Specify the amount of BNB you want to use for the limit order.

  • Set Token Address: Enter the contract address of the token you wish to place a limit buy order for.

  • Set Max Slippage: Set the desired slippage amount for the swap.

  • Set Target Delta: Specify a custom percentage: a positive amount triggers a buy order when the price reaches the specified level (Stop Buy), while a negative amount activates the order when the price drops to the desired target. (Buy Limit)

  • Set Expiration: Specify the number of hours before the order expires and is automatically canceled.

  • Place Order: Once you press Place Order, your limit order will be created and waiting to be executed.

Video Explanation:

Cakebot utilizes the screen above as an Info Screen to provide a more user-friendly interface. All modified settings can be monitored within this dashboard.

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