đŸŽ¯Method Sniper

Leverage Token Contract Address functions strategically to gain a competitive edge during token launches, ensuring a prompt and advantageous execution.

đŸŽ¯ "Now Cakebot Scanner detects the sniper methods automatically" đŸŽ¯

  • Main Menu: Return to Main Interface

  • Switch Wallet: Switch between your wallets.

  • Set Launch Method: Select the desired function inside the token CA. (The launch method can be automatically determined by the system when importing the token directly from the Scanner)

  • Active Orders: Track and manage your Active Orders.

  • Set Token: Present the Token CA that you want to snipe at the pool launch.

  • Set Amount: Specify the BNB amount for the snipe order.

Upon a user pressing "Set Launch Method," potential code functions for trade initiation are promptly listed, sourced directly from the token contract. This process empowers users to proficiently apply the Method Sniper strategy to their advantage in the dynamic realm of token trading.

Video Explanation:

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