đŸĒ™Cakebot Tokenomics

Learn about CAKEBOT Token and Holder Benefits.

Token CA: 0x2947C22608D742AF4e8C16D86f90a93969f13F8D

What are the tokenomics of CAKEBOT?

Cakebot executes a Fair Launch with a total of 1,000,000 CAKEBOT Tokens, involving the locking of all token circulation in a liquidity pool paired with BNB. This strategic decision was made to secure the full circulation of the token supply, safeguarding its non-dilutive nature while allowing users to acquire them and qualify for project revenue distribution

This approach instills trust among the holders and eliminates the possibility of the team profiting at the expense of users.

There is a 5% tax applied to CAKEBOT Token trades, distributed as follows:

  • 1% goes back to the liquidity pool (LP),

  • 2% is distributed to token holders,

  • 2% is allocated to the team for operating expenses.

Furthermore, 40% of the transaction fees generated by Cakebot are distributed to token holders as the bot revenue. Revenue Sharing

Benefits of being holder?

  • Eligibility for revenue sharing if you hold minimum of 10 CAKEBOT Tokens.

  • Potential fee reductions through our Loyalty Program, based on your CAKEBOT Token holding amount.

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