🤝Referral Program

Maximize Your Earnings with Our Referral Program

Referral Program is designed to bring traders closer to Cakebot while offering you a unique opportunity to earn revenue from your connections. Give a 10% discount to your friend and earn passive income on every transaction.

How Does the Referral Program Boost Your Earnings?

When you share your unique referral code with other traders, you not only introduce them to Cakebot but also unlock a world of benefits:

  1. Earning Revenue: As your referred traders engage in trades, you become eligible to earn 25% of the trading fees generated by their activities. The more you refer, the greater your earnings potential becomes.

  2. Fee Discounts: Your referrals will enjoy reduced trading fees as 10%, making it more cost-effective for everyone to trade and profit.

Referral Code Creation:

1) To create referral code and collect referral rewards in Cakebot Wallet, proceed to Cakebot Rewards. 2) If you prefer to collect rewards in an external wallet, proceed to claim dashboard and click "Copy Referral Code": https://dashboard.cakebot.io/

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